October 5, 2016

Thin Red Line of Courage

Support Local Fire Fighters

By sales@flagsimporter.com In Hot Topics

When the world is crashing down on popular news shows, social media, and radio broadcasts, it’s easy to forget to see beyond the first impressions to understand the lives that are being affected by current eventsThin Red Line. Over the past several months, news stories have been outlining the Thin Blue Line and Black Lives Matter movements. These movements and protests focus on the negativity of racial profiling, law enforcement favoring, and misunderstood he-said-she-said banter. While these stories fill the media, it’s easy to take sides but difficult to be empathetic towards the actual lives involved. Another movement that is often overlooked is the Thin Red Line.

The Thin Red Line movement is similar to the Thin Blue Line, but focuses more on showing support for the Fire Departments. Local Fire Fighters are not often thought of as heroes, but risk their lives every day just the same as police men. While fires may seem far and few in between, they cause many health hazards for fire fighters. An excellent movement surrounding the Thin Red Line of Courage is the North Carolina Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation.


Check out their website here & show your support by flying a Thin Red Line USA Flag: http://www.ncfff.org/memorial/red-line-of-courage/

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