May 13, 2016

Memorial Day Remembrance 2016

By In History Buffs

While most Americans celebrate Memorial Day as a day off from work with pool parties and barbeques, there’s a more solemn meaning to this day that launches the summer season. The celebration of what we know now as Memorial Day was originally called “Decoration Day” and started immediately after the Civil War in the late 1860s. It was a day dedicated to the fallen soldiers, as their widows would go to their grave sites to decorate the head stones in remembrance of their bravery and courage.
This tradition caught on and after the first World War, the Decoration Day became Memorial Day to honor all those who died in US wars. Many people might confuse it with Veterans Day, but it is different in the way that Memorial Day specifically honors soldiers who have died whereas Veterans Day serves to honors those who serve or have served in the military.
Eventually the tradition spread throughout the states and became a Federal holiday. Family members and friends of loved ones who’ve passed in wars gather at cemeteries to clean and decorate grave stones. Often times, they bring food and turn it into a picnic to spend time reminiscing their own fallen hero.
Aside from enjoying the warm weather, pool parties, and awesome BBQ – remember to celebrate the lives of those who have passed away in wars protecting our rights and freedom.

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