June 7, 2016

American Flag Day – June 14th

By sales@flagsimporter.com In History Buffs

Flag Day, otherwise known as our nation’s flag’s birthday, is a tradition often forgotten amidst our other favorite summer holidays. This tradition started in 1885 by a school teacher from Wisconsin named BJ Cigrand, who celebrated the adoption of our American flag. Eventually Cigrand’s celebration with his students caught on with the board of education, the Betsy Ross House and other organizations along the years. This built a tradition that became an unofficial holiday for Americans to demonstrate their pride and patriotism. As mAmerican Flag Dayore organizations began to celebrate Flag Day, Cigrand joined with fellow patriot named Leroy Van Hold to establish the American Flag Day Association to promote the celebrations and encourage the rest of the nation to follow suit.
Flag day is officially the anniversary of the Flag Resolution in 1777, giving its historical significance to our country’s development and culture. In 1949, President Truman proclaimed June 14th to be National Flag Day. Although not a federal holiday like the 4th of July, this day┬áis important to understand our proud nation’s culture and establishment.

Flag Day is a tradition that is often overlooked by Americans simply because it is unlike any other holiday. However, it is our duty as Americans to treat this tradition with respect and perseverance as it has withstood the test of time, through wars and conflicts, economic crashes and expansions, and the changes that have made America prosper. These stars and stripes will forever represent our country and the hard-work our nation has put forth to earn those embellishments on our flag.

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