August 15, 2016

Election Day 2016

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Guess what, America? We’ve only got less than 2 months until our Presidential Election day! It’s getting down to crunch time for our main candidates, Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump. What we’ve seen so far for this election is the mainstream media breaking down each main candidate by their notorious pasts. Everyday we see a new headline; sometimes it’s ridiculous accusations and other times, it’s cold-hard disgusting facts about our candidates. It seems as though one day the USA is split evenly between the two, and the next day one candidate seems to have the sure-fire win.

Even President Obama has put in his opinion about our candidates and how he thinks the election will turn out. People all over the US are swaying social medias with memes and images of the candidates and their flaws; one being a liar and a hypocrite, the other being a rowdy and inconsiderate loud-mouth. Election Day 2016

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No matter where you stand in regards to these candidates, one thing is for sure. It is our civil duty and privilege to vote in the elections and should take advantage of that freedom. Nevertheless, younger generations are especially apprehensive to be part of the voting process. Many apathetic dispositions stem from the idea that “our vote doesn’t matter and doesn’t change anything.” This is entirely incorrect as it could be this generation who truly makes a difference for the future of the United States in the next four years.

So, America, it’s almost time to create our future. Remember to research these candidates and vote, even if it’s not for either of them. No matter how you vote, it matters for your future, your children’s futures, and the future of our country.


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